AllState TV Commercial – Your Insurance May Not Pay For A Fallen Basketball Hoop, But AllState Will – Feat Dean Winters

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Priceline TV Commercial – Feat Kaley Cuoco – Save Big On Your Next Trip Because Every Trip Is A Big Deal

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Freeway Insurance TV Commercial – Call for A Free Quote Today – Great Insurance At A Great Price

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CommBank TV commercial – Find Your Way Home With CommBank – Guiding You To A Home Thats Right For You

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GEICO TV Commercial – The Gecko Goes To His 1st NCAA March Madness Game And Pulls Hammy

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Lloyds Bank TV Commercial – Why Do We Find It So Hard TO Talk About Money – The M Word

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United Healthcare TV Commercial – Discover The Dual Complete Plan For Active Medicare & Medicaid Members

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Discover Card TV Commercial – Get Social Security Number Alerts So The Parrot Cant Repeat It – We Look After You, Not Just Your Account

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