Budget Direct TV Commercial – The Cheapest Home And Car Insurance On The Market – Its Insurance Solved

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Compare.com TV Commercial – Get Real Time Price Comparisons & Alerts When Lower Prices Are Found

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American Family Insurance TV Commercial – Make Your Dreams A Reality & Protect What You’ve Worked for With Amfam

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Safe Auto TV Commercial – We Save You Up To 25% In 3 Minutes – Discover Stain Master, It Matches Any Color Stain!

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Progressive Insurance TV Commercial – Janice Isn’t Feeling This Blind Date But Feel Good With Progressive Savings

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Farmers Insurance TV Commercial – Rooftop Parking – Car Lands Into Roof Of House – Feat JK Simmons – We Are Farmers

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Farmers Insurance TV Commercial – Hit And Drone – Low Flying Drone Hits Car – Feat JK Simmons – We Are Farmers

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GEICO TV Commercial – 15 Minutes Saves You 15% – We Struck Ice Cream And Sprinkles – Time To Celebrate

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GEICO TV Commercial – The Talking Lobster Joins The Honeymoon Couple In The Hot Tub – 15 Minutes Saves 15%

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State Farm TV Commercial – The Ball Firing Mascot – Here To Help Life Go Right – Feat Chris Paul, James Harden & Oscar Nunez

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