State Farm Insurance TV Commercial – The Rookie Chef Microwave Explosion – Feat Chris Paul And James Harden – Here To Help Life Go Right

When James Harden’s food cravings turn into Chris Paul’s kitchen nightmare, he can count on State Farm Agent Cole Perez to help with the cleanup, and the coverage. State... Read more »

Safe Auto TV Commercial – Save 25% On Car Insurance And Get Rid Of Pepperoni Plates Eco Friendly Flatware

Iodine Bucks here to introduce the newest wave of eco-friendly flatware — pepperoni plates. These plates are 100 percent edible and 100% a ridiculous idea. SafeAuto says that a... Read more »

Progressive TV Commercial – Live From The Starlite Lounge – Switch Today & Save With The Progressive Box

The Progressive Box performs some tidbits from his latest album “Live From the Starlight Lounge,” featuring songs about Progressive Auto Insurance. Unfortunately the album is not available in stores... Read more »

GEICO Homeowners Insurance TV Commercial – Guy Cooking Crazy In Kitchen With Spatulas Calls Geico For A Great Quote

To ease some stress about buying a new home, a man turns to hibachi grilling. Seeing how worked up he is, his partner suggests that he call GEICO for... Read more »

Select Quote TV Commercial – Feat Jack Charron – The Security At A Price You Can Afford

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GEICO TV Commercial – Squirrels Cause Cars To Swerve

A squirrel runs out into the road causing a motorist to swerve suddenly to avoid hitting it. As the squirrel engages in a complicated handshake and laughs along with... Read more »